About us

Our motto: Treat the environment, animals and people the way you want to be treated. This principle is as simple as it sounds!

With this vision, Johanna Petersen studied fashion design in Berlin. As she started her first jobs as a designer, she quickly realized that her employers and most fashion brands had a different vision. Initially, her goal was to expand her work as a fashion designer to include print design. Tired of the mass-produced floral patterns, she increasingly developed a desire to design statement prints. Over time, the thought of working for a company that didn't represent her values became unbearable. It was time! She had to start her own label that stands for fairness, sustainability and proactivity. With this vision, Johanna Petersen founded her streetwear label 2020 in Berlin.

Do you want a sustainable and fair future?

That is our goal! We are clearly positioning ourselves for a fair future. It's time to stand up to the fast fashion industry and focus on sustainable materials and fair production. Because if we don't shape our future, who will?

Our designs are a statement!

Every collection deals with an issue that is close to our hearts. We want to use style and urban designs to draw attention to social injustice, environmental protection and animal welfare.